One Room . . . One Hour. . . Are ​you ready ???

Having a Birthday?  Bachelor Party? Team Building? Or just want to hang??? 

All Promotions and specials are subject to availability. please call with any questions or concerns.

A Woman's body lies In a London alley... Is it Watson's Mistress? Sherlock's? Or was it Jack The Ripper??Only the clues will show!  You have one hour to get into Sherlock's home to find the answers.. Before Scotland Yard finds the answers....

Music... Dance... Karaoke...Wii...Lighting... Stage... PowerPoint  ...and much MORE

Combine your ESCAPE with a Party Package!!!!! 

Call for Details!!!!

Chamber Escapes


Sherlock's Home

 (2 to 6 Players,your Private Room )... No Promos


One Room . . . One Hour. . . Are you ready ????


(2 to 8 Players)


3583 Powerline  Rd,Ft Lauderdale Fl 33309

Party Chamber.... NOW OPEN



SHERLOCK'S HOME style="background-color: #A95402"; "border-color: #A95402";

If our schedule does not meet your needs.We are here to accommodate you, for Early morning or Late nigh requests..Please call to make arrangements.

Rescheduling and or Cancellations must be 48 hours in advance or subject to charge!!

Trapped in a Haunted Shipwreck....Use your surrounding and your skills to Escape before the CURSE of Long John Silver... TAKES YOUR SOUL!!! 

Remember.. No discounts or Promo codes valid on Friday, Saturdays or Sundays... But call for Local or Daily specials.

Party Room holds up to 40 people!!!

3583 Powerline  Rd, Ft Lauderdale Fl, 33309

Located in the plaza with We Be Joys and Cool Cat tatoos. Normally a White Hearse will be parked out front.